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Sepapaja tn 6 Tallinn Harjumaa 15551

 #THE  will continue to involve the community.
 Traders — Provide feedback to improve trading platform and to add new features and new apps.
 Voters — Coin listing and delisting, roadmap & features, will be driven by the community voting process.
 Network operator — Earn % of the trading fee based on the volume & latency of trades executed on their server. 

 Coin holders — Trading fees are distributed back to the network coin holders.
 Blockchain Developers — Extend the platform functionality via GitHub PR and network upgrades.

 App Developers — Take part in building new & interesting features for traders, and earn #THE Tokens coins based on installs and usage from users.

Recently, #THE experienced an overwhelming demand and excitement from the community after launching their Presale III +Airdrop, which generated over 7600 registrations in over 5 days from over 16 countries. 

Social Trading

It will also add the social feature where you can pay in #THE #TCH to follow, and copy, other investors’ portfolio trades.

To further increase the liquidity of their exchange, a part of the platform is an external trading engine. It will compare available prices on the #THE exchange to transparent prices from a range of other 15+ exchanges. It will continuously scan their order books in real time and, with transaction costs taken in to account, match them against their own order book when possible.